Human Hair Extensions

BLOW Salon & Hair Extensions is one of few salons in Iowa that offers our clients a new approach to human hair extensions- we care about the health of your scalp and natural hair. We know your goal is to have to thicker, longer and healthier hair even after you choose not to wear hair extensions.

We offer several systems to customize your very own hair extension service perfect for your life style. BLOW Salon & Hair Extensions offers both tape and individual strand extensions.

We ONLY use top quality 100% Remy Human hair @ BLOW Salon & Hair Extensions.

At BLOW Salon & Hair Extensions we believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair. Thus we only practice safe application practices. Our extensions Extensions are made of a secret Euro Blend of 100% Remy Human Hair, will hold their texture and will NOT FADE that come in 10′-12″, 14”, 18”, 18″-22″, 22”, and 22″-24″ lengths and a variety or colors and textures.

The most unique hair extension system that we offer is a micro link hair extension that is fused with that attachment bead. This system is a completely re-usable 100% Remy Euro Blend Human Hair Extension system which can be re-used up to 12 months with proper maintenance and home care.

Transformation Connections are very similar to microlink hair extensions but safe to wear! Our extension connections are secure, move naturally, are safe to wear, do not cause damage to the natural hair, will not slide out and are easy to remove. Transformation Connections combine the ring and the hair in one streamlined design making them virtually undetectable.  The connection ring is covered 360 degrees by hair inside and the outside, and is attached gently on to the natural hair.  This means NO MORE MISMATCHED BEADS!!!!

Transformation Connections require no heat, no adhesive, and no solvents like other extension techniques available in this market.  Yet, the connections hold securely between maintenance.  Once attached the connections can be reopened, moved up, they can be reopened or reattached three times (often more).  A single set of extensions can be worn a year with proper maintenance and home care, making our connections a smart investment for you as a client.

Tape extensions have been gaining popularity world wide for several reasons. They are a fast and easy way to add color, volume or length to natural hair. It is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and re-usable. Suitable for fine hair. They will hold at least for eight weeks without any problem. Our experience is that it can last up to 3 months. It also depends on the natural hair and scalp conditions as to whether you would decide to keep them in longer then the 8 weeks. Due to our unique way of attaching the tape to the weft and the quality of tape that is used Tape Wefts are unbeatable. Tape extensions are also a reusable and safe hair extension system.

Transformation Connections by PerfecTress

BLOW Salon & Hair Extensions is proud to offer a human hair extension system that WILL save you money because our product lasts longer, is almost undetectable to the eye and is damage free.

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